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Happy New year 2022

Happy New year 2022
Posted by Mr. Thomas Azong Tembei on the 1/3/2022 1:21:00 PM

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Reply to Dr Abia LK

Microbial ecosystem - the often forgotten system. I like the earth's critical zone concept. Earth's critical zone is the near surface environment in which complex interactions involving rock, soil, water, air, and living organisms regulate the natural habitat and determine the availability of life-sustaining goods and services. Microbes play an indispensible role in sustaining the earth's critical zone.
Posted by Prof. Moses Azong Cho on the 5/10/2020 3:38:00 AM

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Where are the microbes in Lanscape Ecology?

Spatial processes significantly shapes biodiversity, including that of microbes. However, while the impact of these processes on plants and plants has been studied for many decades, landscape ecology principles have not been equally applied to microorganisms, painting an incomplete picture of our understanding of Landscape Ecology. It is time we started applying these principles to microbes too.
Posted by Dr. Akebe Luther King Abia on the 5/8/2020 2:39:00 PM

What are the environmental factors driving the spread of COVID19
Posted by Prof. Moses Azong Cho on the 5/25/2020 8:37:00 AM

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Welcome Prof Dube

Welcome Prof Dube. Together we can be the trailblazers for a new Africa that looks after its landscape in a holistic manner - integrating protection of our wild landscapes with the need for social and economic development.
Posted by Prof. Moses Azong Cho on the 5/8/2020 3:07:00 AM

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Mr Kablan A Effossou, PhD student University of Pretoria, NAS

Large Scale Land Acquisition in communal land for agribusiness development in South Comoe, Cote d’Ivoire Agribusiness grows with problem in sub-Saharan Africa due the weaknesses of the land tenure systems . This research study seeks to investigate how agribusiness corporates find difficult to acquire land for food and cash crop production because of the conflictual land tenure systems.
Posted by Mr. Kablan Anoine Effossou on the 5/8/2020 3:06:00 AM

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Excellent initiative

Excellent initiative. This will definitely help to bring scientists together and help forge long lasting collaborations.
Posted by Prof. Timothy Dube on the 5/8/2020 1:19:00 AM

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Covid-19, settlement patterns, topography

Hi Yazidhi, Rural areas in Africa should be spared from the rapid spread of covid-19 because of the dispersed settlement patterns. However, social distancing is still important as villagers usually meet at market places, water collection points and at traditional functions.
Posted by Prof. Moses Azong Cho on the 4/16/2020 4:52:00 AM

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Landscape Ecology and COVID-19

Landscapes inhabit people who are being affected by COVID-19. Is there a relationship between landscape typology and cases of COVID-19?
Posted by Prof. Bamutaze Yazidhi on the 4/14/2020 5:51:00 AM

How can we approach this question?
Posted by Prof. Moses Azong Cho on the 5/25/2020 8:39:00 AM

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New Website for Africa IALE

Great website and shall provide an opportunity to showcase some of the interesting work African researchers are doing on landscape ecology. Looking forward to reading new research, training and conference updates.
Posted by Dr. Abel Ramoelo on the 4/11/2020 8:17:00 AM

Thanks you
Posted by Mr. Thomas Azong Tembei on the 5/19/2020 2:28:00 AM

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Call for membership

Hello to all landscape ecologists in Africa, This is your chance to be connected to all landscape ecologists on the continent and benefit from shared experiences. Register now.
Posted by Prof. Moses Azong Cho on the 4/11/2020 4:50:00 AM

Tomtemm Software Solutions would like to thank all for signing up for membership on this website. We are open to ideas as we continue to enhance the user experience. Thank you (
Posted by Mr. Thomas Azong Tembei on the 5/19/2020 2:58:00 AM

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